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Document Management Software & SecurityHacking has become a serious problem that even you can’t ignore. Statistics paint the picture all to well:

  • 71% of organizations were affected by a successful cyber attack in 2014 1
  • Corporate data breaches increased 15% in the last year to an average cost of $3.5M 2
  • Security incidents caused downtime of more than 8+ hours for 31% of impacted organizations 3
  • 56% of organizations say it is unlikely that they could detect an attack 4
  • 57% of respondents consider employees the most likely source of an attack 4
  • Inadvertent exposure of confidential data is the top concern with cloud file sharing applications 1
  • What about Document Management Software?

    Partly because of cyberattacks, organizations are justifiably concerned about their documents, which need to be secure while “at rest” (when archived) as well as during transmission (when uploaded or emailed).

    In addition to simple password protection, document management software like EMC ApplicationXtender offers encryption for both documents “at rest” and transferred so they are fully protected inside the firewall. This is also a stronger option than storing documents in a cloud file share, considering the risk of their inadvertent exposure. Protection beyond the firewall is ensured during uploading or emailing with information rights management (IRM).

    As a result, your document management software is likely more secure than your network—they may be able to hack into the folder but not the document file. If you want to ensure your documents are protected from internal or external cyber attacks and other security breaches, contact CASO today.

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