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Unlock Your Legacy Data with Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning

Are you struggling to manage and access critical information trapped on outdated microfilm and microfiche? CASO Document Management provides expert microfilm scanning and microfiche conversion services, transforming your analog archives into searchable digital assets.

Why Choose CASO for Your Microfilm & Microfiche Digitization?

Expertise Across Industries:

We have extensive experience digitizing microfilm and microfiche collections for government agencies, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, educational bodies, manufacturing companies, libraries, and archives. Our team understands the unique challenges and requirements of each sector.

Advanced Scanning Technology:

CASO utilizes state-of-the-art scanners designed specifically for microfilm and microfiche formats, including:

  • Microfilm in M-Type or ANSI cartridges
  • Standard 4×6 inch microfiche
  • 16mm microfiche
  • 35mm microfiche

Our cutting-edge equipment ensures exceptional image quality, clarity, and detail, preserving the integrity of your valuable data.

Meticulous Handling and Processing:

Our experienced technicians treat your microfilm and microfiche with the utmost care, ensuring a smooth and efficient scanning process. We implement strict quality control measures, including manual review and rescanning if necessary, to deliver flawless digital reproductions.

Customized Indexing and Metadata Capture:

CASO tailors indexing solutions to your specific needs, making your digitized files easily searchable and retrievable. We can extract metadata such as dates, titles, and reference numbers, enabling seamless integration with your existing systems.

Secure Storage and Access:

Once digitized, your data is safely stored in our secure cloud environment, protected by robust security measures. Authorized users can conveniently access and share files from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Digitizing Your Microfilm & Microfiche Collection

Enhanced Accessibility: Replace outdated microfilm readers with searchable digital files, enabling faster information retrieval and improved collaboration.
Reduced Storage Costs: Eliminate the need for dedicated storage facilities with specific temperature and humidity controls, freeing up valuable physical space and reducing ongoing expenses.
Data Preservation: Digital copies provide a secure backup for your irreplaceable data, safeguarding it from physical damage, decay, or loss.
Improved Workflow Efficiency: Easily search, share, and integrate digital documents into your workflows, boosting productivity and streamlining operations.

Don’t let your valuable information remain trapped in obsolete formats. Contact CASO Document Management today to schedule a free consultation and unlock the potential of your microfilm and microfiche collection through our expert digitization services.

Microfilm Scanning Process Diagram

“The CDM team has been exceptional. They completed the work faster and cheaper than we could have, and have always accommodated our needs. It is a pleasure working with them.”

Richard Ajimati – SUNY Downstate Medical Center

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