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Professional Services

CASO Document Management (CDM) provides specialized services that customize your document management solution to your developing business environment.

Digitize Your Business Process

Our exceptional professional service team drives real value to your entity – with digital services and solutions that increase efficiency, drive down cost and provide you with greater management insight and ability. Our supported solutions include ApplicationXtender, Digitech ImageSilo / Papervision Enterprise, EasyFile, ABBYY, and Teleform. You get all the support you need – from simple Help Desk Tickets to full Enterprise Content Management support that transforms your organization.
CDM’s Professional Service Team has deep experience creating custom applications for clients. Whether it is creating custom portals into a content repository or business-rules driven workflow programming, CDM’s PS Team has the professional services skills necessary to meet any challenge.

We are skilled in Microsoft technologies, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, Transact-SQL, JavaScript, and many other software development tools. We can solve your most difficult process & technology challenges.

We also bring a wide set of custom-built tools that allows us to deliver solutions quicker and more cost effectively.


Faster Project Completion


Reliable Project Management


Lower Costs


80+ Years of accumulated knowledge between our programmers

Experience Counts

You will not find a Professional Service Team with more experience to support you and your system. This experience will shorten the time to delivery and lower your project cost. CDM has been creating development tools for the past fifteen years that we reuse and improve with each project. These tools are part of the reason we know you will receive an optimal solution. Another part is the sheer volume of successful solutions we have created over the years. Our Team will guide you to a design that optimizes your solution at the lowest risk.

Service / Project Matrix

Following are the category of services we provide, and the skills required to successfully deliver each scenario. CDM works with you to create a support and project plan that best meets your business needs.

Help Desk

Issue / Project

Solving routine, basic or standard problems

Professional Service Skills Provided

Focused execution against specific requirements

Professional Service Capabilities

Efficient delivery process

Installations /

Issue / Project

Implementing projects that are complex with interrelated parts

Professional Service Skills Provided

Following procedures rigorously and comprehensively

Professional Service Capabilities

Methodologies and knowledge management

BPM / Workflow Implementation

Issue / Project

Implementing a major project and providing significant guidance

Professional Service Skills Provided

Converting specific knowledge to judgment that’s applicable in other settings

Professional Service Capabilities

Rigorous analysis, learning from experience, knowledge management

Major / Complex Business Issue

Issue / Project

Significant participant in the issue analysis & solution design and implementation

Professional Service Skills Provided

Applying theoretical and empirical tools to devise innovate solutions

Professional Service Capabilities

Rigorous empirical analysis and state of the art theory

Project / Support Options

Fixed Price

CDM creates a fixed price cost to complete the work. The terms and conditions including the exact deliverables are clearly defined. Increased scope is managed through a Change Request. A mini SOW may be created first to do the discovery analysis so the project can be fully scoped.

Time and Material

CDM works on an hourly basis to support your objectives. This option is normally for larger projects whose requirements are not fully scoped or for clients who have multiple interrelated projects. CDM can lower the hourly rates via a block purchase of hours.

Hybrid of Fixed Price and Time and Material

This combination allows you to receive continuous guidance, support and account management while also gaining the stability of a fixed price. CDM normally meets with you on a weekly basis to provide guidance on how to best leverage electronic content management solutions to help run your business better.

Annual Service Agreement

CDM is engaged on an annual basis to provide a defined level of service. This model works well when 1) you are looking to receive the full benefits of an electronic content management solution and / or 2) desire to leverage CDM’s expertise and focus your internal resources on your core business.

Standard Software Maintenance

The purchase of software also comes with Software Maintenance. This covers you for any bugs that may arise in the software and for email support. You can also receive and then download hot-fixes, patches and the next version of software. If CDM is engaged to do an upgrade or work on your business environment, then that is normally a billable event.

Software Supported

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