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invoice scanningInvoice Scanning Services

CASO provides a full range of services for companies looking to reduce the time required to process their paper records. Additionally we are one of the largest scanning services providers in Texas and New York. We provide high quality low cost document conversion and document scanning services to our clients.

Invoice scanning and invoice processing are some of the unique cost and time saving services that CASO offers to our clients. Benefits of invoice scanning include:

  • Improve document control – all invoices go to a central processing center – no more lost invoices
  • A central repository for all invoices simplifies the storage and retrieval of all invoices
  • Invoices are now accessible by all AP staff simultaneously
  • No more lost or misplaced invoices
  • No need to manage a scanning and indexing staff
  • Eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software
  • Scanning and indexing done by a professional document conversion company
  • No wasted labor and facility costs – You only pay for the work that is done, all billing based on the actual number of invoices processed

CASO Invoice Processing Workflow

The typical invoice processing workflow at CASO operates in the following manner:

    1. Documents are picked up at your offices and transported to a CASO scanning facility or:
    2. A scanning facility is set up in your offices and manned by CASO scanning professionals
    3. CASO staff members will perform the document preparation, scanning, QC, and indexing of your invoices and associated documents and uploading them to a document management system where your staff can retrieve the invoices and process them into the system

Standard Index Fields Include:

  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Document Type
  • Location Code
  • Processing Date
  • Document Source (Lock Box or email)
  • An “In Process” Status Field

There can be as many index fields as you need; this is completely customizable to meet your needs.

  1. An email address can also be is set up to accept all of your incoming electronic invoices
  2. Incoming emails are scanned to see if they contain invoices, if they do they are processed with the same index fields as the paper based invoices. If the email does not contain an invoice it is forwarded to our client for review and any additional actions
  3. Incoming Paper Documents are typically held at CASO for a client specified period, typically 90 to 180 days and then disposed of or forwarded to the client. They can also be sent off to a long term storage location if required
  4. Email based invoices are retained for a period defined by our clients as well

CASO also can provide you with complete workflow and eform solutions to reduce your invoice processing costs even further. Your CASO Account Manager will be glad to discuss all of you document management needs and goals.

The pricing for these services is based on the number of items processed and the amount of indexing required. Our clients are billed based on the actual number of items we process. Our clients typically report a 40% plus reduction in the cost of processing these items when using CASO’S services.

The CASO team has been exceptional. They completed the work faster and cheaper than we could have, and have always accommodated our needs. It is a pleasure working with them.

Richard Ajimati - SUNY Downstate Medical Center

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