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Opentext Intelligent Capture

Intelligent Capture (formerly known as Captiva) is a process-driven document capture software platform that converts paper documents into application ready digital content. By drastically reducing manual processes, Intelligent Capture solutions lower costs, minimize risk, and streamline integration to new and existing systems.

Process Driven Capture

Organizations demand more than traditional back-office capture systems alone: they require the ability to capture documents at the first point of contact. Process Driven Capture enables organizations to capture documents and data from all areas of the business and in all incoming formats.

Advanced Recognition

Intelligent Capture Advanced Recognition automatically classifies documents into unique business transactions and then extracts the index data required for validation and processing. Intelligent Capture differentiates in the market by providing both the most innovative AR technologies and a proven ability to execute in delivering Advanced Capture solutions. The result: improved transaction times and industry leading automation capabilities which drive the fastest ROI in the market.

Realtime Capture – Drives Innovation

Intelligent Capture’s Advanced Recognition Capture provides more than mailroom or batch based solutions. Intelligent Capture’s RealTime Capture enables LOB and even departments to quickly set up but robust processes, accessing only the capture technologies needed to capture, convert, classify, and extract the data needed in real time. The benefit: immediate response time to customer demands, enabling a new level of SLAs and lean business processes.



  • Easy to develop, deploy and maintain capture projects – All capture flow development and configuration is centralized within the Intelligent Capture Designer. Projects are deployed into production in seconds or minutes, rather than the hours or days required by competitive products.
  • Superior accuracy – Production Auto Learning upgrades combine both image and text-based classification to provide up to 20 percent higher accuracy than rules and templates created manually by experts.
  • Enhanced operator productivity – Intelligent Capture provides one client that can be adapted to specific use cases and operator tasks, rather than operators having to utilize multiple clients to complete the work.

Opentext Captiva 7 Demonstration

We saved at least $1M by leveraging our existing scanning hardware and the Captiva software environment.

Minnesota Department of Revenue

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