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HP Autonomy Teleforms

OpenText TeleForm Forms Processing Software

OpenText TeleForm automatically captures, classifies, and extracts information from both structured and unstructured paper and electronic documents using powerful technology:

  • OCR: optical character recognition to extract machine print
  • ICR: intelligent character recognition to extract handprint
  • OMR: optical mark recognition to extract check boxes and shaded circles
  • Barcode recognition

By eliminating time-consuming, manual document sorting and data entry, TeleForm streamlines document-driven business processes and delivers a significant and rapid ROI. Our TeleForm customers typically experience a 75-90% reduction in their costs by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Integrated Forms Designer

TeleForm is the only document capture and forms processing software on the market that has an integrated Forms Designer that offers point and click tools to create the physical layout of a form. At the same time the layout is created, the Designer module also creates the field variables, shrink-wrap business rules (e.g., entry required, single choice only, valid date, database look-ups, etc.), and export format(s). TeleForm will even create the database with the record of the first form processed to save time in setting up the back-end database.

The Only Advanced Document Capture Platform You Need

TeleForm captures all documents at the point they are received by the organization, across different departments, businesses and locations. This unified approach to document capture improves business operations across the enterprise through:

  • Process acceleration
  • Cost reduction
  • lower compliance risk
  • enforced process consistency
  • Increased information security

Multi-Source Information Capture

TeleForm captures information from all types of documents, received via mail, fax, email, web form submissions, remote and centrally located scanners and mobile devices. Using advanced recognition and pattern-matching technologies, TeleForm understands structured documents such as surveys, semi-structured documents such as invoices and sales orders, and unstructured documents such as letters and contracts. This unrivaled flexibility has enabled thousands of TeleForm users worldwide to fully leverage the benefits of automation across the enterprise.

Hybrid Paper & Electronic Form (eForm) Capabilities

TeleForm has the unique ability to create a paper form and then publish it as both a paper-based document as well as an HTML or PDF fillable form. For applications where you need to reach a diverse audience of respondents that may or may not have computer access, this is the perfect solution. And both offer browser as well as smart phone and pad based entry. There are two tightly integrated eForm options for TeleForm:

  1. You can export a form definition created in TeleForm Designer: the definition file can then be opened in OpenText’s APA (formerly called LiquidOffice) and published to the APA Web Server in HTML, PDF or both formats (APA is sold separately from TeleForm).
  2. You can create and HTML or PDF eForm directly from TeleForm Designer using the optional TeleForm eForm Suite.


TeleForm Client Solutions

  • Market Research: customer surveys, seminar questionnaires, event registrations, product evaluation forms
  • Healthcare: health risk assessments, outcomes, PCP questionnaires, specialist service satisfaction Surveys, CMS 1500 and UB-04 claim forms, HCAPS surveys, patient encounter forms, EOBs
  • Pharmaceutical: case report forms, patient surveys, research forms
  • Education: tests and assessments, parent and student surveys, student applications, financial aid applications
  • Human Resources: benefits enrollment forms, application forms, time cards, employee performance evaluations, vacation request forms, change of address forms, consent forms
  • Government: license applications, census forms, tax forms, vehicle registration forms, business and building permit applications
  • Customer Service: order forms, warranty claims, service requests, consultation forms, work authorizations
  • Accounts Payable: invoices, purchase orders, correspondence
  • Legal: case documents, client engagements, contracts
  • Production: work orders, requisition forms, shipping documents, receiving documents
  • Finance: loan applications, credit reports, new account applications, claims forms
The major benefit of the Evolve/HP combination is that it provides something that is not present in our market currently—the ability for clinicians to access previously complex, unstructured information.

Nigel Hutchinson - Head of the Evolve Business Unit at Kainos

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