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ECM (Enterprise Content Management)

How many of your documents are stored in file cabinets or off-site storage? How many of your electronic documents are stored on shared drives? How much time is wasted searching for these documents and managing them?If you answered “too much” or “too many,” then we can help.

CASO provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consulting and ECM software from top manufacturers such as OpenText ApplicationXtender and Digitech Systems ImageSilo & PaperVision. ECM is the intelligent organization and storage of paper in electronic form (either on your premises or off-site) and can be retrieved instantly by authorized personnel.

Our implementation services can help you manage paper and electronic documents with easy find and retrieval, secure and remote access, version control, change tracking, reporting, and workflow. In this way, document management becomes the core of business process automation (BPA).

OpenText ApplicationXtender

OpenText ApplicationXtender allows you to scan, store, instantly retrieve, and archive all your documents, while providing secure access from your desktop, web or mobile device.
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Digitech Systems

PaperVision and ImageSilo software from Digitech Systems comprise their market-leading ECMNOW! product line that provides businesses with the ability to capture, manage, store, and securely access all of their important information.
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HR Workflow

ImageSilo helped minimize our capital expenditures by allowing us to pay for the use of the software on a monthly basis. Since the software is provided as a service, out IT staff isn’t burdened with performing ongoing maintenance, support and upgrades.

Brett Lammers - COO

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