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ApplicationXtender (AX)

ApplicationXtender is one of the easiest and most cost-effective document management software platforms on the market, which makes it ideal for use at the department level for accounts payable, HR, legal, purchasing, shipping/receiving, accounts receivable, and engineering—as well as on an enterprise-wide basis.

What Is ApplicationXtender?

Known also as AX or AppXtender, ApplicationXtender allows you to scan, store, instantly retrieve, and archive all your documents, while providing secure access from your desktop, web or mobile device.

ApplicationXtender was developed with Microsoft .NET and can be quickly deployed right out-of-the-box by one of CASO’s extensively experienced developers.

ApplicationXtender Benefits

  • Management Visibility: gain instant access to every document, workflow process, user permission level, and retention schedule
  • Ease-of-Use: your team will be able to scan and retrieve documents with minimal training
  • Cost-Effective: AX costs a fraction of what more complex, enterprise document management software applications like Documentum, FileNet and OnBase
  • Robust Security: leverage robust information controls such as watermarking, rights expiration and guest access, within and beyond the firewall
  • Version Control: ensure that only the current version of a document is accessible to users
  • Extended Functionality: implement workflow automation, e-forms and email management with the AX add-ons below

ApplicationXtender Modules

AX User Audit

AX User Audit allows you to search an audit trail of a specific document and also research the past activity of a specific user.

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AX Connector

AX Connector delivers seamless content-enabling capabilities so that organizations can integrate their core business applications with ApplicationXtender content management software.

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AX Snip Doc

Have you ever needed to create a quick new document from a snippet of an existing document? The ECM Toolbox AX Snip Doc solution is the answer!

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AX Email Reminder

Your new Email Reminder button appears directly on the toolbar. Simply select it to open the Email Reminder Console, where you can manage both new and existing reminders for that document.

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AX Full Text Search

Full Text Search helps organizations make information easier to discover so that knowledge workers can put that information to work quickly.
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AX Guest View

The Auditor Search module allows you to quickly give precise access rights to records inside ApplicationXtender for “temporary” or “guest” users.

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AX Multi-Indexing Collapse

With EMC Toolbox AX Multi-Indexing Collapse, your life just got easier. AX Multi-Indexing Collapse automatically hides the extra rows to display a condensed list and can easily be expanded to reveal the other rows as needed.

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AX Related Document

With ECM Toolbox AX Related Documents feature, you can retrieve related documents within ApplicationXtender Web.

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AX Reports Manager

By providing fast and efficient capture of enterprise report data, ApplicationXtender Reports Manager turns enterprise reports into e-reports, enabling internal and external report delivery.

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AX + WF User Permissions

User Permissions allow your management team and auditors to know in a moment who has access to which records and what the end user can do with those records.

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CASO has helped us get over the 'change hump.' Not only can we get things done quicker with the electronic workflow implemented by CASO, but we can also now measure productivity for staffing models and customer satisfaction.

IT Manager, The Philadelphia Contribution

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