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CMS-1500 Automation

Automate the capture and conversion of your CMS-1500 forms with CASO Document Management (CDM) – Medical Forms Solution (MFS) for CMS-1500 Process.

This powerful pre-built solution leverages ABBYY OCR software and CDM engineering for accurate, seamless automation that reduces your manual processing by 90%. Since MFS is pre-built, it can be deployed quickly and at lower cost.


How it works:

  • Records are received as hard copy, fax or electronic attachment
  • The black and white (or red) drop out records are imported into MFS
  • The data fields are automatically extracted and the ones that do not meet a set level of confidence are marked for human review
  • The data capture is verified by human processors using an efficient data capture screen to confirm the results and/or make any necessary corrections.
  • The data is delivered to your system of record and the electronic form can be saved if desired


CASO Document Management (CDM) – Medical Forms Solution for CMS-1500 is a powerful way to reduce your cost while improving accuracy.

You can request a live demo to experience MFS speed and accuracy for yourself before we do any configuration. You can even use your own forms. For more information, contact us today.

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