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Smart IQ

SmartIQ is an interactive eforms solution that transforms traditional static forms into intelligent, conversational user experiences.

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Smarter Forms, Smarter Interactions

Research shows that static forms like paper, pdfs, and web forms inhibit customer engagement, which negatively affects business processes. SmartIQ turns these critical touch points into meaningful interactions that guide customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from new account opening to onboarding to service. With SmartIQ, you can attract and retain customers with guided, mobile-friendly interactions that convert higher while simplifying internal systems and reducing demand for support services.

Rethink Customer Data Collection

In today’s digital-first marketplace, every customer interaction matters. That’s why companies around the world are rethinking how they capture and confirm customer information as part of an interaction. Those who don’t follow suit are missing a huge opportunity to improve their customers’ experience at each point of the customer lifecycle. SmartIQ makes it easy to transition from static forms to digital smart conversations, connect legacy and other modern systems, and automate the communication between them. With SmartIQ, you will generate more transactions, greater customer loyalty and easier process management.

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Benefits of Smart IQ

  • Improved User Experience

    Leverage data to guide every interaction and adapt to the customer’s content and device.

  • Enable Digital Collaboration

    Allow multiple customers or participants to contribute information as part of a single process.

  • Enhance Customer Usability

    Optimize the customer experience using the analytics dashboard.

  • Increase Form Completions

    Reduce NIGO rates and the manual work needed to resolve mistakes.

  • Speed Turnaround

    Create automated workflows to respond on demand. Leverage third-party resources like DocuSign for lightning fast form completion.

  • Integrate with Existing Systems

    Connect to your existing systems to prefill forms with known data. Or link to your RPA or BPM platform for advanced business processing.

  • Reduce Demand on IT

    SmartIQ is low code and user friendly – with no Java skills required! By leveraging simple drag-and-drop fields and business rules, you can and get new products to market faster.

“Smart Communications’ cloud-based solution has allowed us to scale our business at the level and agility we need, while lowering our cost of ownership and keeping sensitive data safely stored behind our firewall.”

Kate Pocalyko, Communications Platform Product Owner at PHEAA

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