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Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Services

Law firms and their litigation support staffs are increasingly using electronic content management (ECM) systems to stem the rising costs of document-intensive litigation. Document imaging drastically reduces legal review and production costs, eliminates the need for multiple copies of records, preserves the integrity of the original files, and provides attorneys and legal assistants with instant access to the documents they need from their desktops.

It is estimated that scanning services and ECM can save law firms up to 35% on the cost of a traditional manual litigation review process.

CASO has over 12 years of experience in developing and implementing comprehensive, systematic processes used by law firms to handle complex litigation. Our state-of-the-art imaging and scanning services, including use of bar codes, and OCR/ICR/OMR, provide a paper-free environment while ensuring a user-friendly system that addresses firm-specific requirements.

Understanding Your Litigation Needs

CASO understands that litigation automation capabilities and requirements vary for each firm and for each case. For this reason, our Certified Document Imaging Architects (CDIA+) will review each firm’s structure, litigation practices, and existing legal database platforms such as Summation®, Concordance® or iManage®. We then evaluate the specifics of the particular case with litigation support team members and in-house IT staff to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the project’s goals, special needs, and timetable. Once that review is completed, CASO’s CDIA+ will make recommendations tailored to effectively manage the litigation at hand.


The ability to retrieve scanned documents quickly and easily begins with the selection of appropriate coding (aka index) fields. CASO’s coding guidelines assist clients in tailoring the document coding fields to ensure that the unique needs of every case are addressed. We can code your documents in-house or offshore.

Training for Your Litigation Team

CASO provides all the necessary training for the firm’s legal and litigation support staff to ensure a complete understanding and maximum utilization of the systems, procedures, and technology. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition from manual procedures to full litigation automation.

Successfully Applying Automated Litigation

With the changes in federal and state rules of procedure and the adoption of “best practices” guidelines, attorneys face tight deadlines on discovery, document production, and depositions. Automated litigation management provides attorneys the ability to meet tight deadlines cost-effectively without sacrificing the quality of their services.

Relevancy/Privilege Review

A paper-based relevancy/privilege review is a time-consuming and expensive process that often requires the review of hundreds of boxes of files, photocopying thousands of documents, and distributing them via mail or overnight delivery to team members.

By storing imaged documents online, litigation support team members can search for and retrieve needed information much faster. Multiple team members can access and work on the same document simultaneously for enhanced collaboration and strategizing. Moreover, the costs associated with losing, misfiling, or damaging documents through repeated handling are eliminated.

CASO’s litigation support solutions help law firms and their clients solve the dilemmas created by large document production cases such as antitrust, litigation, class actions, multi-district Litigation, bankruptcy proceedings and white collar crime matters.

We saw an immediate response after we implemented PaperVision Enterprise. Productivity has improved 80%. It’s simple to use and simple to administer.

Chad Guillot - Research and Planning Manager East Baton Rouge Parish EMS

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