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Microform_1100x400Microform Conversion Services

Aperture cards, microfilm, and microfiche are image-based storage tools that have long been used to store information and documents for posterity. Unfortunately, these images are subject to degradation and may become unusable over time. That’s why you need microform conversion.

At CASO, we offer a full range of microform conversion services that allows us to scan your images, convert them into digital files, and make them secure, easily accessible, and fully searchable for generations to come.

Don’t take chances with your valuable documents stored on micoforms. Contact CASO today to start your microform conversion project!

Aperture Cards

From Hollerith punched cards to 16 mm or 35 mm, CASO is able to convert thousands of aperture cards per day into functional, searchable digital documents.
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Microfilm & Microfiche

Easily convert your old microfilm and microfiche files with the help of CASO. Our team has worked with all formats including 16 mm, 35 mm, and rotary film.
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