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ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a highly accurate and scalable document capture and data processing software solution. It provides a single entry point to automatically transform streams of forms and documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data. With automatic document classification and data capture features, ABBYY FlexiCapture helps organizations of any kind with any volume of paperwork to significantly increase efficiency by automating paper-based business processes.


ABBYY FlexiCapture offers a host of powerful, cutting-edge features that provide an accurate, highly scalable data capture solution. They include:

Single Solution for All Types of Documents

Speed up business processes by using automated data entry software and eliminating time- and resource-consuming manual data entry. The intelligent capture algorithms enable the system to process any kind of document: invoices, contracts, registration forms, and more.

Cutting-Edge Technologies Inside

The data entry software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze documents for the purposes of automatic classification and data extraction. ABBYY FlexiCapture can be interactively trained on image samples to provide further production-level processing.

Renowned Accuracy

Embedded with ABBYY award-winning recognition and classification technologies, as well as offering built-in validation rules, FlexiCapture ensures exceptional data accuracy. Ergonomic verification interfaces allow for additional verification of sensitive and questionable data.

Advanced Scalability

With FlexiCapture’s advanced architecture it is possible to extract data from up to one million documents per day using dozens of CPU cores.

Ready for International Business

International companies can benefit from using one data entry software to process documents in multiple languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and 183 more!

Fast ROI & Low TCO

Elimination of labor-intensive operations guarantees a fast Return On Investment, while web-based clients and easy-to-configure data extraction ensure low Total Cost of Ownership.

Web-Based Data Verification

In case you need manual data checking, you can efficiently distribute your workforce and reduce costs by using Web-based data verification. The operator simply needs to follow the link and log in to access tasks.

ClickOnce & Web-Based Scanning

On-demand scanning can be performed remotely from any location and any computer. The robust scanning station can be downloaded and automatically installed with a single click or simply accessed via web browser.

Front Office Document Capture

Capture documents right at their point of entry, reducing extra steps, costs of delivery, and paper storage. With the help of Web Capture Station scanning and verification can be performed in a single web-based interface.

Optimized Performance & Fault Tolerance

The advanced server-based architecture allows for effective everyday processing of large document volumes. The core of the system is the powerful processing server which undertakes all resource-intensive operations and performs automated task distribution among the processing stations and load balancing. Microsoft Cluster support ensures consistent system operation and prevents data loss in case of a system failure.

Flexible Workflow

Take advantage of the flexible workflow that can be easily adjusted to your specific business processes. ABBYY FlexiCapture offers a powerful set of tools for modifying the basic document processing workflow with custom processing stages, scripts, and external modules. The workflow also allows for document processing in a fully unattended mode.

Desktop & Distributed Configurations

ABBYY FlexiCapture’s document capture software offers Standalone and Distributed installations and provides full compatibility between them. This allows for an easy and reasonable start for small and medium businesses, and the option to easily expand your data and document capture environment as your company’s needs grow.

ABBYY FineReader 12

CASO is a well trusted, dedicated and most of all knowledgeable partner. Their consistent, high quality standards allowed us to scale up ABBYY use in more industries with different technology setups.

Krzysztof Walus, Director at DXC Technology

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Key Features

Automatic Data Extraction

Incoming documents of any format are captured on the spot, with no manual transfer or re-mailing required

Automatic Classification

Captured documents are automatically classified based on content layout. No manual sorting and labelling needed

Automatic Validation

Your critical data is automatically validated for accuracy and compliance. Built-in security helps prevent fraudulent transactions.

Automatic Reporting 

Key parameters are monitored for you, with timely reports on resources, performance and accuracy – providing you with process transparency and workload predictability.

Key Benifits

Higher Revenue

All data coming via multiple channels and in many formats are automatically processed, classified and delivered.

Faster Transactions

With data processing cycle two times shorter and high-level accuracy it is easy to meet deadlines, think and act accordingly.

Built-in Control

The platform has built-in supervisory, reporting, and dashboard tools, and provides means for distributed document processing.

Technology Features

Intelligent Capture

FlexiCapture gets smarter as you use it, leveraging a range of built-in machine learning and natural language processing technologies. Now you can automatically classify, extract, validate and direct business critical data simply, accurately and more intelligently than ever.

Automatic Learning

Built-in auto-learning helps accelerate your time to production, too, while reducing ongoing system maintenance costs. You can train the system to process flexible or irregular document layouts with full control to edit and fine-tune results.

Advanced Classification

Inbound documents of all types are optimized for advanced classification, resulting in faster response times and prompt decision-making. Advanced classification technology for images and text allows you to sort documents by appearance or pattern, and statistical and semantic text analysis.

Enterprise Features


FlexiCapture can be scaled to support both high volume and fast document processing (e.g. 1 million documents per day or 1,000 pages per minute). With FlexiCapture’s architecture, you can control multi-server installations, distributed infrastructure, and centralized operator configurations

SLA Support

Service Level Agreement Monitoring ensures that your systems deliveroptimum results and performance. Set priorities for processing stages anddocument order to speed up timescales and ensure your system is deliveringwith SLA standard reports and dashboards.


Easily create a secure multi-tenant environment with user-specific policies,centralized administration tools and separated licenses to protect data across multiple workgroups.

Case Management

Predefined document sets for specific processes and use cases (, insurance, finance applications). Automatically check multiple casefiles for completeness and compliance.

All-Document Solution

FlexiCapture can detect any document type (spreadsheet, image, logo, etc.)as well as any area within the document – even when text appearsunreadable. Word, Excel, PDF, email , images, and other digital documentscan be processed in the same flow.

Data Protection

Confidential data fields can be kept hidden during exchange and verification by setting access rights. FlexiCapture supports bidirectional encryption between user and server to protect against data interception and tampering attacks.

Advanced Analytics

With FlexiCapture analytics, you can optimize document processing flow to ensure continuity of business process, fine tune performance and eliminate bottlenecks.

Smooth Integration

FlexiCapture’s robust APIs and progressive scripting enable tight integration with any systems of record and engagement, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Laserfiche, and more.

Mobile Capture

Capture data with mobile devices to increase data availability and processing speed. Flexi Capture supports high quality mobile uploads with image enhancement tools.

Multi-Channel Data Entry

Process both paper and digital documents from multiple sources in a single flow, including MFPs, network scanners, e-mails, FTP, web posts, hot folders and mobile devices.

Small Business Features

Quick Start

Start processing your documents even before deploying them. With Quick Start, your system auto-learns how to classify and extract data from your document types.

Cross-Browser Support

FlexiCapture HTML5 web-stations support communications between Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, and other browsers. Whether your workstations are local, remote or web-based, you can distribute and manage your business
processes through responsive Web interface.

Pre-Packaged Solutions

With FlexiCapture’s pre-defined extraction rules and logic for invoice capture, you no longer have to invest in custom configuration and implementation. Built-in best-practice rules ensure your business applications are ready to use out of the box.

Classification Automation

With FlexiCapture, your documents can be classified, sorted and routed to predefined destinations – so you can easily manage documents of different types (e.g. driver license, bank statement, tax form, contract, invoice) and variations (e.g. invoices from different vendors). Image, text and rule-based classifications can be combined to optimize processing performance and reduce manual review.

How It Works


ABBYY FlexiCapture captures all types of office documents, including image formats, email attachments, and message bodies in a single flow: TXT, EML, XLSX, VSD, HTML, DOCX, XLS, VSDX, DOC, PPTX, HTM, PPT, and RTF. Digitally documents can be processed with Microsoft Office and LibreOffice, if installed and enabled in settings.


Document images are automatically assembled into Document Sets, as content and data are automatically extracted and validated.
Automatic Assembly
FlexiCapture runs consistency checks, to ensure that all case-related documents are assembled correctly, comparing key fields, seals, photos, and signatures against extracted data.
Highly Accurate Recognition
● Optical character recognition of printed text in up to 190 languages
● Intelligent character recognition for hand printed text in over 110 languages
● Barcode recognition for a variety of 1D and 2D barcodes
● Optical mark recognition for a wide range of checkmarks
Automatic Validation
● Comparison against databases
● Conformity with built-in validation rules
● Compliance with formats
● Data normalization
● User-defined checks

Data Extraction

Data is automatically extracted from a variety of paper and digital document types, including structured and unstructured formats (e.g., mortgage applications, tax returns, questionnaires, applications, contracts, invoices).


Extracted fields are automatically verified as matching those of the original document. They can also be manually verified using a web-based station. FlexiCapture supports the following validation techniques:
Group Verification
You can verify the similar checkmarks or digits across a batch of documents by displaying all discovered versions in a single window.
Field Verification
In field verification mode, data fields and characters are automatically checked one by one.
Window Verification
Side-by-side window verification can be used to compare data against the original document image. Edits can be typed manually into the fields. FlexiCapture also supports web verification via single sign-on technology.


Recognized data is automatically exported to different file formats, and then to databases, systems of record and other destination points according to user-defined rules:
● Corporate file storage repositories – SharePoint, Laserfiche, etc.
● ODBC compatible databases – Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access
● ERP and ECM systems – SAP, Microsoft, IBM and Sage
Document Set Exports
Document Set images and fields can both be exported with FlexiCapture. Images can be exported to one PDF file or placed in a storage location. Fields can be exported to ODBS databases and files. You can also map and redact sensitive information both in a document section and in linked documents.


The FlexiCapture HTML5 Administration and Monitoring station provides 24/7 supervision from any physical location – including multi-level administration, automatic failure notifications, and comprehensive reporting, as well as monitoring of processing times and pick loads. The System Administrator can monitor system health and tenant productivity, and receive imminent database overflow notifications. Both Microsoft Report Viewer and Crystal Reports are also supported.
Microsoft Report Viewer is pre-installed in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12, and includes standard reports for site productivity, processing productivity, and general operation. Users who already have Crystal Reports can continue using it to generate reports.


Flexible Workflow Customization

FlexiCapture makes it easy to create custom applications that meet specific business requirements.
FlexiCapture supports custom scripts and Web Service API to tailor data processing and routing,
Custom capabilities include:
● Document Imaging software using third-party engines
● Connecting and utilizing third-party OCR/ICR engines
● Adding new verification and export stages

Web Service API

Web Service API makes it easy to develop custom applications or import modules that will deliver documents directly to FlexiCapture for indexing, classification and data extraction. Data captured by external applications arrive to FlexiCapture Processing Server over HTTP or HTTPS protocols. The scripts enable embedding of FlexiCapture Web-stations into any back-end systems and applying custom scenarios, stages, user roles and design (buttons, menus, and toolbars).
Web Service API functionality includes:
● Adding batches of documents for processing
● Passing tasks/documents to an external verification module
● Receiving business-ready data
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