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Architectural Drawings Scanning Services

Large format scanning of architectural plans and engineering drawings requires expert care. Since 1994, CASO has scanned thousands of large format architectural plans, blueprints and drawings using industry-best technology and CASO document care expertise. We ensure your documents are scanned accurately and affordably, with originals kept intact. Best of all, we provide secure pickup and delivery. We can even scan on-site.

CASO architectural scanning service includes:

  • 300 DPI scan standard, up to 600 DPI resolutions available
  • All large format sizes from A to E up to 54″ wide
  • Convert to PDF, CAD or other digital file formats
  • Secure document tracking from receipt to delivery
  • Storage and shredding options available

Secure Pickup & Delivery









CASO helps you determine the file type, scanning resolution and indexes needed for your architectural plans. A secure CASO vehicle comes and picks up your architectural plans. CASO preps, scans and indexes your architectural plans to your specifications. A disk drive is returned to you containing the images of your architectural plans and the indexing data.

Let CASO design your perfect architectural scanning solution. Contact one of our team members today.