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User Permissions Module for ApplicationXtender

The User Permissions Module from ECM Toolbox gives you the power to easily and quickly answer the following for ApplicationXtender (AX) users:

  • Who has access to which records?
  • What are the exact system functions a person possesses?
  • Are the records protected with document level?
  • Who has permission to delete documents?

Now you, your management team, and the auditors can know in a moment who has access to which records and what the end user can do with those records.

Annual system audits are now as simple as running a report and having the department managers confirm if their employee access is correct or needs to be changed.


User Permissions Report Demo


  • Global permission review
  • Quickly review permissions by each archive and/or individual user
  • Search
  • Find permissions by specific individual(s) or department(s)
  • Customization
  • Customize searches for specific ApplicationXtender permissions such as the “Delete” function
  • Document level security search
  • Determine permissions for each document
  • User permissions
  • Define permissions for each individual user
  • Reporting
  • Quickly access PDF snapshots of reports
  • Admin rights
  • Determine who can see permission reporting
  • Directory service compatibility
  • Works with Active Directory or LDAP
  • Security compatibility
  • Works with ApplicationXtender CM security
  • Accessibility
  • Easily access permissions via a web-based interface
  • Documentation
  • Explains the AX Security Rights functions