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Invoice Processing

ECM Toolbox – Invoice Processing

With a combination of in-house and outsourced solutions, combined with software, CASO offers several options for streamlining invoice processing for manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and all other AP departments:

Invoice Processing for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Most SMBs simply need to ease their paper headaches by scanning all invoices and documents into a document management repository. We can scan your backfile onsite or offsite, and then set you up for day-forward in-house scanning or you can have all your mail routed to us. We can then upload your documents to an in-house or cloud document management system for document search and retrieval in seconds. The combination of outsourced document scanning and cloud document management means you can go paperless without any capital expense: scan-to-cloud.

Invoice Processing for Large Enterprises

Many large organizations already utilize legacy document management for invoice processing, which may be several years behind the current technology. We can migrate you to the latest and greatest (read: more cost-effective and efficient) and we can implement a scan-to-process system where, instead of scanning the invoice after processing into a repository, it is scanned into an automated workflow system that streamlines processing and cuts the labor to do so today up to 80-90% and integrates with your accounting/ERP system. And, if you’re still mired in paper invoices, we can take care of that too.

ECM Toolbox Workflow is everything we wanted and more. The first day we went live we immediately could see efficiencies and management of process and procedures.

Whitney Moeder
Director of Support Services & Finance

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