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In today’s digital workplace, the once mighty centralized mailroom has gone the way of the rotary phone – a relic of a simpler time, when sensitive documents were opened by hand and routed personally through the organization. Of course, business moves much faster today.

For those still using this outdated structure, the burden is undeniable. The volume of incoming mail via paper, email, email attachments and webforms make it nearly impossible to manage sensitive records and create sustainable workflows. The result is slow, error-prone and downright risky data management that adversely impacts business.

The answer, of course, is a modern mailroom designed for today’s digital reality. And with advances in workflow automation software, it literally costs more not to make the switch.

Today’s workflow automation software can solve even the most complex document management challenges quickly and cost-effectively. They can digitize, classify and archive your documents from any incoming mail source and trigger any number of automated workflows in a secure environment to save you considerable time and money.

Custom Solutions

As a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Workflow Automation Solutions, CASO Document Management (CDM) can streamline processes across your entire organization. Our proprietary ECM software can be customized to dramatically reduce document processing time and give you the power to easily search, retrieve, route and manage documents from anywhere, anytime.

With a mail makeover from CDM, you can leverage:

  • Secure, cost-effective document management for all mail and invoices
  • Reclaimed space, time and resources
  • Custom workflow automation via business rules
  • Mobile integration
  • Cloud or on-site solution
  • Real-time disaster recovery
  • SOC II Type II and HIPAA compliant
  • Document level security
  • Customized audit trails
  • Mail Outsourcing

Perhaps the simplest way to digitize your mailroom is to leverage mailroom outsourcing – a secure, cost-effective scanning and conversion service for your incoming documents that can take place onsite or offsite.

With mailroom outsourcing, all paper mail and invoices are scanned and integrated with incoming email, fax, SFTP, or any other digital files. This includes all prepping, scanning, indexing, and quality control needed to ensure the highest document image quality. You can also choose to automatically extract data from your documents as needed.

Whether you insource or outsource your mail management, you’ll gain the power to trigger workflows, reduce processing time and create a secure and accessible digital archive. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be well positioned to compete in an increasingly digital world.

To learn more about Digital Mailroom and Workflow Automation Services, contact CDM today!

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