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What Business Secret Are You In the Dark About?In this day and age, keeping up with the Joneses of Business is becoming harder and harder. But forget the Joneses. Is there a secret that another department, in your own company and backyard, is keeping from you?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) realized just that. They no longer had to look across the street to the neighbors for the solution; just a trusty ole walk down to the water cooler was all that was needed.

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Real Estate is doing it. So is Legal.

And the Controller is doing it as well. Will other departments follow suit? Probably, says Moshe Fuchs. What’s going on?

These three departments were turning their irreplaceable paper documents into digital images to reduce file space, increase ease of access and protect the contents from aging, wear and tear, and loss. The images are indexed for quick retrieval anywhere, anytime and filed on the network for safety.

Fuchs, who is the IT Department’s quality assurance manager responsible for this project, suggests that now is the time for everyone to step up and review their documents to determine which qualify for conversion.

As part of the move to 2 Broadway, HQ employees have sifted through their files to determine what to take with them and what to throw away,” he says. “So what’s in their files at 2 Broadway is, relatively speaking, top of mind, and they are in a great position to determine which files are critical, irreplaceable or both. After that, turning them into digital images is easy.

Easy because the MTA has signed an agreement with CASO, Inc., a document management vendor, to convert existing as well as future documents. (You can check out the CASO website here.)

Up to now, the MTA has been preserving some documents in digital form by scanning them and putting the results on CD (compact disc) or microform. But storing them on a network drive has obvious advantages, such as 24/7 accessibility. And to maintain security, restrictions can be placed on who can view or obtain the documents from the network drive.

The program has been very successful already at Metro-North, where 200,000 documents, comprising 2,250,000 pages and 30,000 drawings have been digitized.

So what is most appropriate to digitize? Deeds, maps and contracts come immediately to mind. But in fact many other documents are appropriate candidates, says Fuchs. “If a fire or water leak ruined your documents, or they were misfiled, or coffee spilled on them, or you needed off-site access, digitized documents would be exactly what you needed.


CASO has been the document conversion solution for 100s of financial, government, education and medical clients since it opened its doors in 1996, and over 20 years later, CASO has is still a leader in the industry.

The MTA found out just how valuable it was to have CASO convert their precious documents, so CONTACT US TODAY to find out how CASO can bring you the customized solutions to bring you into the digital age.

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