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Mastering Query Results in OpenText™ AppEnhancer / ApplicationXtender

In any document management system, the ability to efficiently query and manage results is paramount. The OpenText™ AppEnhancer / ApplicationXtender User Guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to work with query results, ensuring users can effectively retrieve and manipulate their documents. By leveraging the full capabilities of OpenText™ AppEnhancer / ApplicationXtender, users can achieve a more organized, efficient, and reliable document management process.

Overview of Query Results

Query results in OpenText™ AppEnhancer / ApplicationXtender refer to the documents retrieved based on specific search criteria. These results can be managed, exported, and even emailed directly from the interface, providing a seamless experience for users.

Key Features of Query Results Management

  1. Viewing Query Results: Users can view the list of documents that match their search criteria, with the results displayed in a tabular format for easy navigation and selection.
  2. Exporting Documents: Documents can be exported in various formats, including PDF, Plain Text, and Compressed Text. The export function allows users to merge multiple documents into a single file or export them individually.
  3. Emailing Documents: Users can email documents, pages, or links directly from the query results page. This feature requires prior registration of the user’s email address within the system.

Steps to Manage Query Results

  1. Viewing and Selecting Documents: After performing a query, the results are displayed in a list. Users can select one or more documents from this list for further actions such as export or email.
  2. Exporting Documents: To export documents, select the desired documents from the query results. Click on the ‘Export’ button and choose the appropriate export format. The system processes the export request and provides a downloadable file.
  3. Emailing Documents: Select the documents you wish to email from the query results. Click on the ‘Email’ button and follow the prompts to send the documents. Ensure that the email server is correctly configured to avoid errors.

Advanced Query Results Management

  1. Exporting COLD Documents: Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) documents, such as PDF and Plain Text files, can be exported. The system merges multiple COLD documents into a single file during the export process.
  2. Handling Export Errors: If the system encounters an error during the export process, it logs the error and skips the problematic file. Users can review the export log to identify and address any issues.
  3. Email Configuration: Proper configuration of the email server is crucial for the email feature to function correctly. Users must register their email addresses and ensure that the email server settings are accurate.

Best Practices for Managing Query Results

  1. Regular Maintenance: Regularly review and clean up query results to maintain an organized document repository. Delete or archive outdated documents to keep the system efficient.
  2. Consistent Naming Conventions: Use consistent naming conventions for documents to facilitate easy retrieval and management. Ensure that all users follow the same conventions to avoid confusion.
  3. Training and Documentation: Provide training for users on how to effectively manage query results. Maintain comprehensive documentation to assist users in understanding the features and best practices.


Efficient management of query results is essential for any document management system. OpenText™ AppEnhancer / ApplicationXtender offers a range of features to help users view, export, and email documents directly from the query results page. By understanding and utilizing these capabilities, users can enhance their document management practices and improve overall productivity. For more information and assistance, contact CASO Document Management to ensure you are maximizing the potential of your document management system.

“This ended up being one of our best projects. We gained efficiency, auditable process control, and a platform to build upon for years to come.”

Walter Hill, Executive Director of HPMHC

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