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Our clients normally provide CASO SURVEY SERVICES with the questions for their surveys. However, if clients need assistance with question development, we can help!

CASO SURVEY SERVICES can work with clients to create forms that will be effective in extracting the data they are looking to obtain. The entire process should be well-defined and planned far in advance of the actual survey window.  In addition to being functional, it is equally important that the respondent form be visually appealing, as this attention to detail reinforces the professionalism and thought that went into creating the program.


Clients’ account representative will perform a needs analysis by asking questions such as:

  • Will the introduction or instructions be included as a separate cover page or integrated into the questionnaire?
  • Will any branding/logos be required on the form?
  • Will space be needed for open-ended questions?
  • What will the maximum number of questions be?
  • What kind of response pattern is desired? Multiple-choice response, constructive response, open-ended response, or mixed?
  • What kinds of identification fields will be required?
  • Will the questionnaire be available in multiple languages?
  • Will numbering be required, such as bar coding, lithocoding, or serial numbering?
  • Should the form be pre-slugged with respondent identifiers?
  • Can we make form processing easier by including alignment notches, corner cuts, or perforations?
  • Can we improve scanning performance by using dropout inks for critical data capture areas?

Our graphic designer will then lay out the form, and a proof will be prepared. Clients will usually receive the proof in three to seven days, depending on the complexity of the form design.

Once approved, the artwork will be submitted to our production facility for printing.

CASO SURVEY SERVICES utilizes state-of-the-art systems and technologies to provide professional outsourcing services to organizations through centralized imaging and OMR data collection. These services, combined with our in-house survey design, printing, mailing/distribution, fulfillment, and data collection, provide professionals with a one-stop solution for their projects.

CASO Survey Processing

CASO has demonstrated the ability to create unique solutions for its clients' business challenges and continues to deliver results year in and year out. I would highly recommend CASO to anyone looking for a dedicated, hardworking, creative, problem-solving staff.

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