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Paper medical records have long been a source of inefficiency in the healthcare industry. Not only do they take up considerable space, they also make it more time consuming to access and manage patient files, and leave you at risk of damaging essential files in a fire or flood.

Most medical practices are at least partly digital due to the adoption of EHR/EMR systems. Yet these systems still lack bonafide document management capabilities – keeping the paper piling up. In order to go fully digital, you need a Medical Scanning & Document Management solution that digitizes everything while maintaining full HIPAA compliance.

The right Medical Scanning & Document Management solution will provide you with:

  • Improved document control
  • A central repository for all medical records
  • Easy doctor collaboration on patient care
  • Faster processing of diagnostic testing
  • Integration with your existing EMR/EHR system
  • Reclaimed office space
  • Simultaneous accessibility of Medical Records
  • Full HIPAA compliance, including HIPAA compliant facility and staff
  • Freedom from other expensive hardware and software

Getting Started

There are a few different ways to scan your paper documents:

  1. SELF-SCANNING – With this option, you buy a document scanner and convert your paper files to digital images in house. Self-scanning still requires an expert to properly index files so they can be found later. Another factor to consider is selecting the right equipment that can handle your particular volume.
  2. OUTSOURCING – With this option, a professional team digitizes your documents using network or cloud scanning technology. You’ll want to choose an experienced service bureau that will ensure your files are properly scanned and indexed using state-of-the-art equipment. You can outsource in two ways:
    • On-Site Scanning – Also known as “insourcing,” a professional team comes to your office and performs all scanning and indexing onsite.
    • Off-Site Scanning – Your files are picked up and brought to a professional service bureau and then returned to you.

Each can be used with a cloud or local network solution. The method that is right for you will depend on your unique situation, your budget, and how you prefer to do business.

Integrating with your EHR/EMR System

Scanned medical records can be integrated with your existing EHR/EMR system via document management software, such as Application Content Management (formerly ApplicationXtender, AX). This software works in the background to search documents in the AX repository and display them in your EHR/EMR system – giving you the power to search and access all your essential information in one place.

In short, the right Medical Records Scanning & Document Management solution will speed your access to information, enhance your quality of care, eliminate space, and improve your bottom line.

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