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Document management has been revolutionizing the way we handle incoming paper, whether you own a home office or a full-blown enterprise. It involves various processes and software that not only help to scan documents but also store them for easier retrieval in the future. 


The truth is, document management has come a long way since being introduced to companies around the world. We’ve seen a wide range of advancements and improvements that have helped businesses move one step closer to being paperless.


Why Was Document Management Invented?


The rise of document management began in the 1980s, software developers were trying to find new ways of utilizing modern technology to better organize traditional paper documents. Originally, the major function was to store copies of various files in one place. 


This is when people started to witness the various benefits that come with document management software. It was really the beginning of the “paperless” craze that we see everywhere today and was a major turning point in the way businesses operated. 


What Has Today’s Technology Contributed?


Of course, document management has only gotten better over the years. It’s been nearly 40 years since it was first introduced and we’ve seen it grow and expand in many different ways. 


They not only provide a singular method for storing documents and files, but they are integrated with various security measures, conversion tools, document capture, automation, cloud services, metadata compatibility, indexing capabilities, and editing software. 


In addition to that, cloud computing has taken it to another level by allowing employees to easily share documents and files with one another. This allows for almost seamless business operations that improve productivity around the office. 


What’s Next For Document Management?


When it comes to business, owners will always be looking for the next best thing — especially if it means improving efficiency and satisfaction in the office. With the digital world consistently moving towards mobile applications and cloud computing, we can expect document management to follow suit. 


Business is being handled on-the-go and many people are starting to work from home. Since businesses never stop, the ability to manage their documents when not physically in the office is essential. Employees need to be working smarter, not necessarily harder when it comes to storing, managing, organizing, and retrieving documents anytime, anywhere. 


What Can CASO Do For You?


At CASO, we take document management seriously so you can leave it to the experts. We support small and large companies in a wide range of industries including broker-dealers, insurance companies, financial services, retail, and manufacturing. 


We can match you with the perfect software to fit your needs, whether you’re looking for an enterprise content management system, workflow automation, document capture, eForm management, as well as scanning equipment. 


If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you digitize your documents, clean up clutter in the office, and better manage your paperwork, contact CASO today at 888-388-2276. We’d be happy to assist you!


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