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As of September 1st, 2015, Easter Seals New York has become a proud member of FedCap, a company that has been a CASO corporate partner for over 5 years. CASO could not be more excited about this merger as it strengthens FedCap’s mission of creating opportunities for people with barriers to the work force to become economically independent as valued and contributing members of society.

CASO, with 5 on-going scanning locations in New York City, looks forward to this merger as it helps it to continue to provide secure and efficient scanning services to New York Government and Financial agencies. Since partnering with FedCap, CASO has been able to provide jobs for over 100 individuals with barriers to the workforce, and continues to employ many of that same workforce in New York with its ongoing government clients.

Since its founding in 1922, Easter Seals New York has dedicated its services to people with disabilities. Today they serve over 24,000 annually in 16 different locations throughout New York City. Their mission is to give those whom they serve equal access to the work force and independence. Easter Seals also reaches across the nation, helping over 550 million individuals and their families each year.

With the expertise from both FedCap and Easter Seals New York, the needs of over 100,00 individuals and families will be met more efficiently than ever before. Truly doing remarkable work for those that they service, Easter Seals also helps these individuals to prosper with the hand that they were dealt.

Together FedCap and Easter Seals will expand services to veterans and other prospects such as early intervention programs. Furthermore, they will increase educational offerings by replicating FedCap’s Career Design School, which will ensure economic stability for those who have not previously had the opportunity.

CASO is excited to see the future success of both of these nonprofit organizations as well as the immense impact they will have on many New Yorkers. A brighter future for all is to come, and CASO is happy to play a continued part.

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