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CASO Brings Its Dedication to Customer Service and Years of Document Management Experience to New Division

Survey Design, Fulfillment & Scanning Services | CASOCASO announced the acquisition of Apperson’s Survey Assessment Services (SAS) Division, adding to its industry-leading portfolio of business process outsourcing (BPO) services. CASO is a leader in innovative document, hardware and software solutions for government, financial and private business clients nationwide. CASO brings its dedication to customer service and decades of experience to the established customers of the Charlotte, N.C., based acquisition, which joins CASO’s processing centers in New York and Texas.

“It is important to us to not only build CASO’s client portfolio in survey services, but also ensure a seamless transition for our current clients,” CASO CEO Richard Tamaro said of the acquisition. “This acquisition also is a great thing for those same clients as well. CASO has over 20 years of experience in being innovative solution engineers, and we bring a vertical answer to all of our now current clients that have been outsourcing their document management needs to other vendors. Now, CASO can be a one-stop shop for all their business needs, keeping them working with a name they can trust and a brand that is one of the best in the industry.”

In addition to adding CASO’s already proven customer service quality to survey assessment, CASO also looked no further than an expert in Survey Services to run the division in Mechelle Timmons. It didn’t hurt that Mechelle has 16 years of experience in the industry and worked most of those with Apperson before moving over to CASO’s team prior to the acquisition.

“I saw a great opportunity by moving over to CASO at the beginning of 2015,” Mechelle said of her leaving Apperson. “CASO is a proven brand, and I knew that I could leverage my experience and knowledge with CASO’s portfolio of services, offering clients something they can’t get anywhere else: a full-service vendor. Most vendors can offer you only fulfillment, printing, or mailing, but CASO has it all under the same roof. It is what has made them stand apart in the industry, and now with the addition of survey services, they have become an even more valuable partner to their clients.”

Choosing CASO means working with one of the leaders in document management, and now, Survey Services. Contact us to take advantage of our high quality data collection, ability to process millions of documents at one of our 3 processing facilities located in New York, Texas and North Carolina, or allow us to come on site and scan right where your documents are. With CASO and this acquisition, let us leverage our combined 100 years of experience to bring you customized solutions that fit your business needs.

Survey Processing Components & Experience

Whether your survey mailing contains single sheets or a multi-page booklet with many different inserts, CASO will meet your design, direct mail and fulfillment, and survey scanning and data entry needs.

  • Survey Design & Consulting: The most successful survey projects start with a comprehensive plan, which is created by determining how to achieve your survey objectives based on many years of experience. That is exactly what CASO provides to survey clients in a consulting capacity, with the option of having CASO manage each stage of your survey.
  • Survey Mailing & Fulfillment: CASO harnesses the resources needed for all of your survey mailing and fulfillment needs, with an ability to handle individual mailings or bulk distribution shipped worldwide. Your surveys can also be returned to CASO for prepping and scanning. Whether your survey mailing contains single sheets or multi-page, bound surveys, CASO will meet your printing and direct mail needs.
  • Survey Scanning: CASO offers multiple survey capture solutions to scan and extract your survey data, from document capture software to on-site and off-site document scanning services. CASO will help you identify the best method for extracting survey data so that you become familiar enough with the strengths and weaknesses of each option to make the right call. CASO has scanned hundreds of millions of documents since 1994 for clients in all industries.

Synergy with CASO Core Competencies

CASO’s survey services leverage 20 years of experience scanning hundreds of millions of documents and automated data extraction software. Combined with the experience of Mechelle Timmons, CASO has special expertise working with the following clients:

  • Marketing and market research departments conducting surveys and customer satisfaction studies
  • K-12 school districts conducting educational assessments or parent/teacher/student surveys
  • Universities, nonprofit and government agencies conducting public opinion research

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