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Document Scanning eGrant
for NYC Community Boards

Learn more about how your agency can get up to 75K in grants


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Join us to learn about the $75K Grant Offering

Each year we work with numerous NY Government Agencies that receive a NYS Grant. We even offer a Grant Writer if you need assistance. Our scanning services are offered through NYSID.*

During the seminar, we will discuss the following:

Review NYS Archive Requirements

Discuss Document Scanning Services and Best Practices

Available Dates

* NYSID purchases satisfy your obligation to the Preferred Source Program, which was established via Article XI, Section 162 of the New York State Finance Law in order to advance special social and economic goals related to the employment of New Yorkers with disabilities.


Richard Tamaro, MBA, CCIA+, President & Owner

Richard is the driving force behind positioning CDM as a nationally recognized leader in creative electronic content management solutions. Richard’s energy always is directed at ensuring that the CDM Team is doing the best by its clients. His laser focus on clients, is his muse and creative force behind the design of CDM’s ECM Toolbox Workflow and Eforms solutions that has helped many companies improve efficiencies, gain control of their records and save money.

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