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HR Automation

Driving Productivity


May 3, 2023 | 2pm EST

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May 3, 2023

2:00-3:00 PM EST








Effective management of human resources is critical for unlocking your organization’s full potential. In recent years, HR has undergone a transformation with the integration of workflow automation, which has significantly increased productivity.

In this webinar, you will find out how you can accomplish these following goals:

Go Paperless

Eliminate paper by converting your department’s records into securely stored, easily retrievable, fully searchable, and usable digital documents.

Secure confidential data

Protect yourself, your employees, and the organization by controlling access rights, implementing data encryption, and utilizing strong privacy models.

Digitize forms

Streamline the process by converting your records into easy-to-use and efficient web forms. Create forms that help the user to always get the data entry right. Integrate with DocuSign so that forms go directly into your Document Management system.

Empower self-service

Enable your team to work from anywhere and easily track the workflow status for each record. Allow your employees to securely access their own records.

Access versions

Maintain different versions of your records, such as contracts, so that you can review earlier versions and roll back to those versions if needed.

Own your information

Save your records in their native format, and store the data in a non-proprietary format. Your records and data will always be yours.

Expedite audits

Make your auditors happy by providing detailed and easy-to-read audit trails. Your workflow shows a standardized process that can be quickly tracked.

Apply retention rules

Keep your records for their useful life cycle and manage them to meet regulatory requirements. Purge them to protect yourself from ransom exposure, other bad actors, and litigation.

HR Automation – Driving Productivity

May 3, 20232:00pm EDT1 hour


Richard Tamaro, MBA, CDIA+, President & Owner

Richard is the driving force behind positioning CDM as a nationally recognized leader in creative electronic content management solutions. Richard’s energy always is directed at ensuring that the CDM Team is doing the best by its clients. His laser focus on clients, is his muse and creative force behind the design of CDM’s ECM Toolbox Workflow and Eforms solutions that has helped many companies improve efficiencies, gain control of their records and save money.

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