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Accelerate Your Business with Digital Transformation

Unlock Efficiency: Embrace Digital Transformation and Go Paperless!


February 27, 2024 | 10am CST/11am EST

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February 27, 2024

10:00-11:00 AM CST








Are you ready to propel your business into the future? Join us for an insightful webinar as we explore the transformative power of digitalization and going paperless. In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficiency is key, and our webinar is designed to guide you through the steps of a successful digital transformation.

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What to Expect:

Enhanced Productivity

Instant digital file access for streamlined decision-making and seamless team collaboration.

Cost Savings

Discover how going paperless reduces expenses, from printing to storage, for a leaner and more efficient operation.

Security and Compliance

Explore the secure, compliant environment digital files offer, with features like access controls and audit trails.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Gain insights into developing a robust plan for data integrity and business continuity.

Why Attend?


Gain actionable insights into the benefits of going paperless.


Learn from industry experts with hands-on experience in digital transformation.


Discover how our comprehensive solutions can seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Don’t miss out on revolutionizing your business operations. Register now for our webinar and take the first step towards a more efficient, sustainable, and digitally empowered future.


Al Slayton, VP

Al Slayton is an accomplished document management professional with over 20 years of experience in software and document conversion sales, as well as branch and division management. With his broad knowledge of document management systems, Al provides CDM clients business process solutions that maximize efficiency and reduce costs. His focus is ECM software, professional services and document scanning conversion services, using solutions such as AppEnhancer, ECMToolbox and EasyFile. He is also experienced with Intelligent Capture and Eform systems, helping clients achieve Digital Transformation within their business operations.

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