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Large Format Scanning Benefits


In addition to our ability to scan your large and wide format documents better, faster and cheaper – 40% lower if you’re scanning these documents internally today – here are 10 additional benefits of having us scan your large format documents:

Top 10 Benefits of Large Format Scanning Benefits

  1. Improved document control: all documents are scanned and indexed and loaded into a central repository
  2. Instant Accessibility: your large format documents are now accessible by all of your staff simultaneously
  3. No more lost or misplaced documents: never lose another engineering or architectural drawings, construction plans, maps, etc.
  4. No need to manage a scanning and indexing staff: outsource these non-core labor costs and management
  5. No need for hardware and software: eliminate having to justify the capital expense and annual maintenance costs
  6. Professional scanning and indexing: let the experts do it for maximum quality and efficiency
  7. No wasted overhead: you only pay for the work that is done, with all billing based on the actual number of documents scanned
  8. Instant Searchability: find any scanned document with our indexing with the option of full-text search
  9. Reclaim Space: free up space used to store large format drawings to be used for higher value purposes
  10. Reclaim Productivity: your users can focus on getting their work done instead of prepping, scanning, indexing, and searching for documents
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