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Education Solutions for Texas

CDM provides enterprise solutions to solve all of your student records, employee files, invoices and legal document needs.

Student records represent one of the largest quantity of documents that Texas independent school districts (ISDs) need to manage. Many of these files (especially transcripts) are permanent records and must be kept forever, or contain vital health information like inoculation records, or are needed for compliance like PEIMS standard reports.

School district files in Texas contain records that have been stored since the 1800s and create an ever growing inventory of boxes and filing cabinets. Many Texas ISDs have run out of room to store these records onsite and are now having to store these records in offsite storage facilities adding both labor and storage costs to the districts as they try to manage these records. Using paper based filing systems, ISD staff can waste hours or days looking for documents in their student record files and, in some cases, they are never found! This poses a huge problem for the students trying to get into colleges, obtain driver’s licenses, secure jobs, or qualify for their US Citizenship.

PACE and Region III Preferred Provider

CDM is a preferred provider under PACE and Region III purchasing contracts for document scanning services and document management software (including cloud) for Texas ISDs. As a preferred provider, we deliver quality products, solutions, and services at the lowest prices and best value.

Our comprehensive services include:

Secure transportation pickup and delivery of all documents

Scanning all your documents to electronic searchable PDFs or any other format required

Indexing your documents for quick and easy retrieval from your network or Document Management System

Running all documents through our extensive quality control processes

Providing and supporting Document Management Systems (On-Site and Cloud)

Physical document destruction and destruction certificates

Our scanning services and solutions are designed to help manage all of your school district’s needs. Below are example documents with which we have special expertise:

Student Records

  • Transcripts
  • Inoculation records
  • PEIMS standard reports

Human Resources (HR)

  • Employee records
  • I-9 forms
  • Attorney files

Special Education

  • ARDs
  • IEPs
  • ITPs

Community Relations

  • Volunteer eligibility documents
  • Donor information

District Management

  • Board meeting minutes
  • Litigation records
  • Budgets

Information Technology (IT)

  • Service requests
  • Work orders
  • E-rate documents

Accounts Payable & Finance

  • Invoices and correspondence
  • Purchase orders
  • Payroll

Migrant Services

  • Program reports
  • Eligibility documentation
  • Student information files

Federal Programs

  • ARDs
  • IEPs
  • ITPs

Facilities Management & Transportation

  • Property records
  • Fleet service records
  • Bus driver license & testing information

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