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Empowering Credit Unions with Cutting-Edge Document Management Solutions

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, efficient document management is crucial for credit unions to streamline operations, enhance member experiences, and maintain regulatory compliance. CASO Document Management, a leading provider of document management solutions, has recently partnered with Corelation, a renowned core processing platform for credit unions. This strategic alliance combines CASO’s expertise in OpenText ApplicationXtender with Corelation’s robust Keystone core processor, delivering a powerful solution tailored to the unique needs of credit unions.

The Power of OpenText ApplicationXtender

OpenText ApplicationXtender is a comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) system that streamlines document-centric processes, enabling organizations to capture, store, manage, and distribute information efficiently. With its robust capabilities, ApplicationXtender empowers credit unions to:

Enhance Operational Efficiency:

By digitizing and centralizing document management, credit unions can eliminate manual processes, reduce paper-based workflows, and improve overall productivity.

Improve Security and Ensure Regulatory Compliance:

ApplicationXtender’s robust security features and audit trails help credit unions meet stringent regulatory requirements, such as those set by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Improve Member Experiences:

With instant access to member documents and information, credit unions can provide faster and more personalized service, fostering stronger member relationships.

The Corelation Advantage

Corelation is a leading core processing platform designed specifically for credit unions. By integrating ApplicationXtender with Corelation’s backend, credit unions can leverage the following benefits:

Automated Import Process:

The integrated import process from ApplicationXtender Corelation to ApplicationXtender delivers client documents to the correct application, monitoring and flagging any suspected errors in the process.

Enhanced Data Security:

Corelation’s robust security measures, combined with ApplicationXtender’s access controls and audit trails, provide a multi-layered approach to data protection.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Both ApplicationXtender and Corelation are highly scalable solutions, enabling credit unions to adapt to changing business needs and growth.

CASO Document Management, with its deep expertise in OpenText ApplicationXtender and the strategic partnership with Corelation, is well-positioned to empower credit unions with efficient document management solutions. By embracing this powerful combination, credit unions can unlock new levels of efficiency, compliance, and member satisfaction, positioning themselves for long-term success in the ever-evolving financial services landscape.

“It has been great to work with CDM as we begin our Keystone/ApplicationEnhancer adventure, and all the items and support they’ve given us so far has not gone unnoticed and is much appreciated!”

Aaron Johnson – Business Technology Analyst, Ascentra Credit Union

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