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ApplicationXtender Releases & End of Life Updates

Rebranded as AppEnhancer on May 2022

OpenText has released its newest version of AppEnhancer 24.2 – with enhanced integration that significantly improves both functionality and user experience. If you haven’t yet upgraded to the new version, we can help to maximize your system’s potential.

Since 1994, CASO Document Management (CDM) has been a premier provider of AX software installations, customizations and upgrades. Our dedicated team of software engineers are well versed in all aspects of the platform – ensuring that no matter how complex your system is, we have a solution for it. With our level of experience, you will get the most value possible from your upgrade.

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AppEnhancer (AX) Support Life Cycle

AX 24.2

Released in July 2024, AX 24.2 adds support for virtual printing, increase database support and integration providing several quality of life improvements and enhancements.

Integration with IDOL Technologies

AppEnhancer 24.2 now integrates with IDOL technologies, enhancing user access to content through targeted full-text and natural language searches, promising a more robust user experience.

Viewing and Rendering Improvements

The introduction of IDOL KeyView technology, replacing Oracle Outside In, not only reduces royalty costs but also provides a more capable engine for document recognition and viewing.

Full Text Search Enhancements

Documentum xPlore has been replaced with IDOL Full Text to improve search capabilities.

Virtual Printer

The virtual printer feature has been reintroduced, allowing direct printing to AppEnhancer repositories via REST.

Database Support

Support for PostgreSQL has been added, expanding database compatibility.

AX 23.4

Released in January 2024, AppEnhancer 23.4 adds several update including retention administration and additional import capabilities.

NOTE: AX 22.2 end-of-support life (EOSL) is December 2028. Sustaining Support* begins starting January 2029.
Document Recycle Bin

AppEnhancer’s new recycle bin adds an extra layer of protection for deleted documents. Users with the necessary privileges can restore or permanently delete these “recycled” documents.

Retention Administration Console

The Retention Administrator in AppEnhancer has been integrated into the Web Administrator, simplifying the management of retention rules and policies.

OTDS Licensing

In addition to serving as a centralized authentication service, OTDS can now manage AppEnhancer licenses more effectively and scalably than the previous AE licensing service.

Import Automation Utilities

Following the retirement of the AppEnhancer desktop, a new set of import utilities has been introduced. These leverage the AE REST services to enable CLI automation of AE import tasks.

AX 23.2

Released in July 2023, AX 23.2 adds several enhancements that addresses notable quality of life improvements.

NOTE: AX 23.2 end-of-support life (EOSL) is July 2028. Sustaining Support* begins starting August 2028.
Recycle Bin

AppEnhancer’s new recycle bin adds a layer of security for deleted documents. Users with permissions can restore or permanently delete “recycled” documents for both AE and AE Document Revisions.

Hidden Fields Enhancement

A new field flag in AppEnhancer allows specific fields to be marked as hidden, concealing internal IDs, PII, or other sensitive data from non-admin users.

Validation Mask for User Stamps

This feature simplifies the creation of a user stamp for document indexing. Users can set the validation mask for %USERNAME% or %FULLNAME% to capture specific user information.

Field ID and App ID Visibility

Administrators can now view both FieldID and AppID when checking field and app information in the AppEnhancer Administrator, aiding API usage and query execution.

Licensing via OTDS/SPS

AppEnhancer 23.2 supports licensing via OTDS/SPS, ensuring high availability and enabling container deployment for simplified management and scaling.

REST API Improvements

The AppEnhancer REST services now include a swagger interface, expediting development and ensuring seamless integration within various operational frameworks.

AX 22.2

Released in May 2022, AppEnhancer 22.2 rebrands itself and brings tighter internal integration, improved cloud readiness, and enhanced security enhancements.

NOTE: AX 22.2 end-of-support life (EOSL) is April 2027. Sustaining Support* begins starting May 2027.
OpenText CS/AppWorks Integration

Core Signature – OpenText’s electronic signature platform, Core Signature, is now compatible with AppEnhancer. This enables users to expedite their signature process, and easily archive documents from Core Signature workflows and events within AX.

AppWorks – AppEnhancer integrates more deeply with OpenText’s application development platform, AppWorks. AX users can now leverage full feature parity with the legacy workflow engine’s viewer and document management capabilities – improving document handling and metadata management within AX.

Docker Deployment Option

The popular open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications in the cloud is now compatible with AppEnhancer. Docker makes it easier and safer to build, deploy and manage containers using simple commands and time-saving automation through a single API. AppEnhancer 22.2 includes essential Docker images for select AX components including Web Administrator, Web Access, Render Server, REST, and Web Services. OpenText will add Docker images for all AX components in future updates.

Increased Security with SAML2

This security enhancement provides AppEnhancer users with robust authentication capabilities. SAML2 will ensure your documents are secure and accessible only to those with correct user permissions.

Component Registration Wizard

The Component Registration Wizard has been updated in Version 22.2 to enable scripted installations and container-based deployments.

Indexing Services

AppEnhancer’s Indexing Services now include queue management and deployment.

Administration Enhancements

Includes improvements to Environment, Roles Management, Application Management, Reporting, Monitoring, and more.

AX 20.4

Released in Dec 2020, AX 20.4 adds several enhancements that significantly reduce manual document processing.

NOTE: AX 20.4 end-of-support life (EOSL) is September 2025. Sustaining Support* begins starting October 2025.
Enhanced OpenText OTS Integration

This update adds the power to capture large volumes of digital print streams from a variety of sources in one easy step.

Improved Application Integration

With updated web service languages, connectors and REST services packages, AX 20.4 ensures one-click access to the software they depend on.

Easy Metadata Management

User-friendly capture and management capabilities. Metadata is now easy to find no matter the source; “type ahead” functionality supports all complex words and phrases.

Enhanced Document Search

Granular search and saved search options auto-update with new related documents.

Enhanced Process Tracking

Quick view mode allows users to preview multiple pages of a document before opening it for more efficient process organization.

Performance Improvements

AX Web UI performance improvements, updated versions of the AngularJS & jQuery libraries, and SSO support for OKTA and AUTH0 IdP (Id Providers).

AX 20.3

Released in July 2020, AX 20.3 brings improved cloud readiness, new internal and external integrations, and enhanced user productivity.

NOTE: AX 20.3 end-of-support life (EOSL) is June 2025. Sustaining Support* begins starting July 2025.
OpenText OTS Integration

Output Transformation Server is used to capture content, run process flows, transform structured and unstructured data, and more. The AX roadmap calls for even more robust capabilities in version 20.4.

Security Enhancements

Includes built-In Password Policy Plug-In Support

Web Access Enhancements

Includes Administrator API

REST Services Enhancements

Includes Render Server Optimization

Office 365 Add-in

Integration with Office 365

Administration Enhancements

Includes improvements to Environment, Roles Management, Application Management, Reporting, Monitoring, and more.

Wizard Enhancements

Includes easy Component Registration.

Storage Adapter Framework

Improved template database management.

AX 16.6

Released in April 2019, AX 16.6 brings cloud readiness, product integration, and enhanced user productivity.

NOTE: AX 16.6 end-of-support life (EOSL) is March 2023. Sustaining Support* begins starting April 2023.
Improved Document Viewing

Includes Oracle Outside IN integration and active support for Microsoft Office through Office Online Server (OOS)

Updated Workflow Automation

Integration with Skelta BPM 2017 workflow automation

Support for Microsoft Azure

Support for Microsoft Azure Core Services, including Active Directory, Azure Database and Azure Files.

Support for OpenText OTSD

Includes support for single sign-on (SSO) through OpenText Directory Services.

AX 16.3

Released in Dec 2017, AX 16.3 is the first version developed by OpenText, with numbering to match the OpenText numbering system. It’s robust capabilities help transform the platform into a bonafide information management system.

NOTE: AX 16.3 end-of-support life (EOSL) is November 2021. Sustaining Support* begins starting December 2021.
Web-Based Scanning

Designed for browser client users.

Easy Document Search

A new faster thumbnail preview

Improved text search and new OCR engine

From the results view, users can select multiple items and search within them; from the document view, users can perform a search of all pages within the document.

Legacy Versions

AX 8.1 and below

Released prior to March 2017, these versions may be functional but do not take advantage of the newer benefits like improved application integration, better resource management and performance improvements. Contact us for a free consultation on either sustaining maintenance options* or unlocking your potential of your AX system.

Enhanced Security

Certification for Microsoft Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016 and Office 2016.

Image Capture Support

Includes image capture support update and PDF rendering performance enhancements

Microsoft Office Support

Includes Microsoft Office integration support update.

* What is sustaining maintenance?

Once the current maintenance period ends, the version of AppEnhancer/ApplicationXtender enters Sustaining Maintenance. Sustaining Support is equivalent to an Extended Support agreement. It requires an additional purchase beyond the existing Software Maintenance and Support fees. Contact us to explore your maintenance options.

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