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Multi-Indexing Collapse Feature for ApplicationXtender

Are multiple index values for one document congesting your AX Query Result Screen?

With EMC Toolbox AX Multi-Indexing Collapse, your life just got easier. AX Multi-Indexing Collapse automatically hides the extra rows to display a condensed list and can easily be expanded to reveal the other rows as needed.

How it works:

  • Document Grouping displays each record with multiple values only once in the result set, along with a small arrow icon indicating it has multiple values.
  • Clicking on the line item expands the multi-indexed result sets
  • Expanded, Multi-indexed results display a grey background and no arrow indicator in the left most column
  • Note that the Document ID are the same for all expanded results as they pertain to the same document image

With CASO Multi-Indexing Collapse, query results are easier than ever to work with.

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