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E-Forms Builder – IT Free Creating Eforms

November 30, 2016
Eforms will save you money, increase your efficiency and give you control over your records – let us show how easy it can be.

BPO – Is it Right for You

October 5, 2016
Sometimes it is better to the let the experts do what they do best – so you can do what you do best.

Easy Tips for Digitech PaperVision

September 7, 2016
You probably know how great most of PaperVision is – now let us tell you about its other great parts.

Employee Onboarding Workflow

May 25, 2016
People are you most valuable assets – let ensure that they start off with the BEST first impression of your company!

ABBYY Software – Advanced Data Extraction Techniques

April 12, 2016
Get more from your documents at less cost – ABBYY Software is easily to implement and eliminates manual data entry.

HIPAA and Document Security

March 9, 2016
Protecting your patient records is so important, come see how we can help you do that quickly and efficiently.

Human Resource Eforms

February 24, 2016
HR and Forms go hand in hand – let us show you how eliminate the paper part of that relationship.

Accounts Payable Workflow

January 26, 2016
Learn how you can automate your invoice approval process and save money and improve your corporate governance