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Secured Receiving

Return Management – Secured Receiving

CASO SURVEY SERVICES offers secured receiving services to document all materials returned from an individual or location.  

The following examples illustrate the kinds of secured receiving services we offer.  

Example 1 (High Stakes Student Assessment Testing):

High-stakes testing materials must be accounted for after the test has been administered.  All items are returned to CASO SURVEY SERVICES.  When we receive the materials, depending on project requirements, boxes are opened and inspected for any materials that should be scored.

Materials that should be scored are routed to the data processing center; test booklets and ancillary materials are routed to scan stations.  Every document that has a barcode is scanned, and any ancillary materials are noted.  Boxes are then palletized and stored based on requirements.

Reconciliation is done daily after each location’s materials have been processed, in order to report any items that may be missing.  

Example 2 (Survey Projects):

Some survey projects require a fulfillment incentive, such as a gift card, cash, or a high-value gift.  CASO SURVEY SERVICES can receive, securely store, and distribute these types of items.

If you have a project that requires accountability in every step of the process, CASO SURVEY SERVICES can help you with reconciliation.  We have “been there, done that” and want to share our experience with you!

CASO SURVEY SERVICES utilizes state-of-the-art systems and technologies to provide professional outsourcing services to organizations through centralized imaging and OMR data collection. These services, combined with our in-house survey design, printing, mailing/distribution, fulfillment, and data collection, provide professionals with a one-stop solution for their projects.

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"I can't say enough good things about working with CASO. They provide superb customer service, and they go above and beyond on every project. Their top-notch end-to-end support and responsiveness to their clients' needs is impeccable. I highly recommend CASO!" Project Manager of Assessment Operations

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