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Variable Printing

Print Management – Variable Printing

Variable printing, as it relates to survey and test answer documents, is the process of digitally printing specific information pertaining to the person, location, or subject of the document.

What Information Can Be Pre-Printed Using Variable Printing?

Any field(s) that you provide in a database, including respondent IDs, survey codes, location codes, geographic codes, scrambled IDs, names, product names, and more.

Example of Personalized Variable Printing Used for Surveys

Variable print can be used to insert personalized information about the respondent into the survey in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys can have the transaction date and person the respondent interacted with pre-printed onto the survey; this helps respondents to focus on a particular visit vs. their overall experience.
  • Product surveys can have questions regarding the specific product purchased inserted into the survey or cover letter.
  • Healthcare surveys can include questions related to the specific health issues of the respondent.

Use of a Respondent ID

CASO SURVEY SERVICES can use variable print to print numerical ranges onto the survey to act as respondent identifiers. Surveys that require respondent information to be tied back to the original data file will need to utilize a respondent ID or unique identifier. The respondent ID can be a number assigned to a specific individual. However, if the survey needs to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive or revealing responses, then a “unique identifier” can be used as the respondent ID.  

If the survey needs to be tracked back to a location (e.g., mall, intercept point, city, school, etc.), a number can be printed onto the survey to identify the location or interviewer, or unique serial number ranges can be assigned to each location. This ID is then captured during the data collection process, becoming the key field tying the survey back to the original data file.

Pre-Slugging Answer Documents

When administering a test, it is very common for our clients to provide us with a current roster, allowing us to pre-fill information, such as student name, ID, class, etc., in the test answer sheets. Did you know that 8–10% of test data is lost because students do not accurately complete these fields? Or, hundreds of hours are spent trying to reconcile the answer sheets with the correct students.  

Customization of Anything

Variable print can be used to customize any document. CASO SURVEY SERVICES regularly customizes materials with school administration instructions that list every teacher receiving material. Class headers can give the teacher instructions on how to administer the test and list every student that has a pre-slugged answer sheet. This process takes the burden off of individuals distributing materials sent in bulk.

Variable Survey Printing

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