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Other Services

Other Services

With over 20 years of survey and assessment experience, the CASO Survey Services team has been involved in countless data collection projects, all with unique objectives and needs. We’ve worked with organizations in virtually every industry and helped them gather valuable information that has shaped their decision making process and influenced the trajectory of their success.

No matter what your company needs to successfully complete a a data collection project, our broad scope of services is designed to ensure that we have the expertise and business processes you need from a trusted partner.

Project Consulting

We offer project consulting services that help guide clients to the successful completion of a data collection initiative, regardless of whether they rely on the rest of our suite of services or not.
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Project Management

Every time you work with CASO Survey Services, we’ll assign you a highly-qualifed Project Manager with decades of experience to help guide you every step of the way and ensure a successful outcome.
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Document Design

Don’t know where to begin with the design of your survey or assessment? No problem. Our experienced team will help you design a form that’s perfectly tailored to uncover the data your organization truly needs.
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Document Printing

From multi-page booklets to specialty forms for surveys or tests, CASO Survey Services is your one-stop shop for all document print management needs.
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Ancillary Materials

No matter what materials you might need printed to support your data collection efforts, CASO Survey Services can get it done on time and on budget.
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Fulfillment Services

The best data helps drive the best solutions. CASO can handle all the fulfillment of your survey processing needs, including creation, distribution, and data collection.
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Data Collection

At CASO Survey Services, we’ve got the expertise, experience, and established business processes to make all of your vital data collection projects as seamless and effective as possible.
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Reporting of Work in Progress

Never lose sight of where a specific project is at in its lifecycle. Our specialized business processes allow us to accurately monitor your workflows and give important insight into works in progress.
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Data Output Options

At CASO Survey Services, we understand that your data isn’t valuable to you if you can’t access it in your preferred way. Our team ensures easy access to your information no matter what program you use to analyze your data.
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Data Access & Security

Keeping your data secure while ensuring that it’s easily accessible to all relevant parties on your team is a critical factor in ensuring the ultimate success of a data collection project.
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CASO Survey Processing

"CASO has demonstrated the ability to create unique solutions for its clients' business challenges and continues to deliver results year in and year out. I would highly recommend CASO to anyone looking for a dedicated, hardworking, creative, problem-solving staff." Branded Merchandise Sales Leader

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