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Fulfillment Services – Kitting

Kitting is a process in which separate but related items are grouped or packaged together as a single unit.  

CASO SURVEY SERVICES has extensive experience with and knowledge of kitting!  Some examples:

Class Packs – This is the process of taking multiple items, such as a class header sheet, survey or assessments, or administrator instructions, and grouping them together into one envelope or bag.  This makes it easier for school administrators to distribute materials on-site and to keep materials together when they are returned.

Interviewer Field Kits – These kits can contain 5 or 50 items depending on the work being done in the field.  A kit could consist of the following items along with sub-kits within the primary kit.

  • 5 pens
  • 1 book of stamps
  • 1 package of note cards
  • 25 brochures
  • 25 receipts
  • 10 door hangers
  • Letters – 5 letters to authorities, 10 not at home, 25 pre-contact letters

Sub-kitting – This is the process of putting together smaller kits that will make up the primary kit.

Check out all of the services that SURVEY SERVICES can support you with.  Whether you need a little help or a lot, CASO SURVEY SERVICES can help!  

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