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Survey Services, Data Collection

Data Collection

A variety of scanning technologies can be utilized to collect data, each with its inherent advantages and weaknesses. During the project-specification stage, CASO SURVEY SERVICES’ project managers consult with clients to determine what types of respondent forms and underlying scanning technologies would be best suited to extract the desired data.

Our data collection facilities use a range of scanning equipment to handle the variety of data we process daily. Here is an overview of the types of scanning technologies that we utilize:

Scanning Technologies

CASO SURVEY SERVICES uses two primary scanning technologies:

  1. OMR Scanning – Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology is the most common, quickest, easiest form of data collection we offer.
  2. Image Scanning – An image scanner is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or objects, and converts them into digital images.

Data Collection – Simplified

  • Pre-Scan – After the respondent sheets have been prepped for scanning, scan operators will verify that all forms are oriented in the same direction, fan through the forms to make sure that there are no foreign objects, and load the scanners.
  • Data Extraction – CASO SURVEY SERVICES specializes in the scanning and data capture of OMR, ICR (Image Scanning), and OCR forms. The data extraction process requires strict quality control measures to ensure the utmost accuracy of the data. We start by employing computerized validation routines to verify that the correct digits, characters, codes, etc. have been entered.
  • Sample Data Output Formats – These output formats are submitted during the testing phase and agreed upon prior to scanning any live data. If file mapping, schema or data output format is provided, the file format will be programmed during the template design process.
  • Tables and Rules – Tables and rules can be specifically defined for the project to ensure accuracy and to trap erroneous information. CASO can develop these for documents, providing fill validation, precise error checking features, and output design based upon the record format requirements. In addition, specified fields can be limited to accept alpha, numeric or a combination of both inputs.
  • Exceptions – Creating Business Rules – “Exceptions” is a term used to describe a set of business rules provided by the customer. These rules direct the scanner operator as to how to handle anomalies as they occur during the scanning process. Example instructions include “what to do if a form doesn’t have the name properly filled in,” and “what to do if an answer has two responses filled in with a single response question.”
  • Based on the client’s business rules governing exceptions, we can either reject the exceptions during the scanning process or simply record them as an exception in the electronic file using the corresponding error code.
  • Data Verification – Data captured both manually and electronically are thoroughly checked by our Data Verification Department through a range of edit checks, data validation and database management functions.



Research organizations rely on CASO Survey Services to help them collect data that informs a variety of decision making processes that drive their initiatives forward.
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From high stakes testing to paper-based surveys about institutional issues like classroom environment or campus safety, CASO Survey Services helps academic institutions collect and process the data they need.
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Better understand your members needs and the efficacy of events like conferences by trusting CASO Survey Services to help your association collect valuable data.
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Effective government is intended to be by the people, of the people, and for the people. In order for common citizens to have their voices represented, CASO Survey Services helps governments at all levels develop, administer, and manage a variety of data collection initiatives.
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Patients, providers, and physicians can all benefit from intensive data collection efforts that help inform future healthcare initiatives intended to improve health outcomes and drive down administrative costs.
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"CASO is an extremely professional partner to work with. They worked through a complex data collection process and were always there to follow through and help solve any problems. I would highly recommend CASO!" Manager, Quality Improvement Research & Analysis

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